Yo Yo, Ma

Serious thanks for all you bring to my life.
Miss you already.


my hopes my dreams come true

Me mum's in town.
I'm soaking it up until further notice.


Jackson William Grob!

Kasey and Joey's perfect new arrival, born EARLY yesterday morning.
Cannot wait to meet the little man!



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Go Ahead

A really nice ride with a really lame "tag" job should really equal a good ass-kicking.


Rethink my thoughts somehow

Last weekend had several themes. Interpret them as you see fit.I stumbled upon crawfish and hurricanes in the East Village,
answered a phone call from the devil himself
and hung out in the secret garden. Enter Saturday.
I shot the shit with Tones,
seriously missed my dad,
scored a 617 in yahtzee,
ran into Mardi Gras representatives right on Dean Street,
saw the beautiful Kiki (two times in two days!),
fell in love with this lobby,
arrived (in a roundabout way) at a party,
studied the creators of Heath,
discovered that the devil makes cupcakes,
may have burned in a fire trying to figure out this sign
and said goodbye to our host. Enter Sunday.
I watched some damn young dudes play some damn fine jazz,
loved this guys attitude,
contemplated this dude's chain and meat collection,
discussed, at length, the mystery of the single banelephant earring
and landed back in the bayou (sort of) with a crazy Creole.



There is someone else in the mirror

I have decided to repost this with a little more detail, as there is some confusion as to what is happening in the photo.
It was taken at Botanica.
I am standing in the background. You can see the light from my camera and the open neck of my blue shirt.
The figure in the right corner of the mirror is not me and appears to be standing in the foreground, which is simply not possible.
Believe it or don't, but I'm totally creeped.


Dead Ringers

The Cat Man and Anthony Bourdain.
In close-up shots it's not as ring-ring-ringerish, but that could seriously be a young Bourdain walking those kitties.


At the Zoo with the Wees

I volunteered today, through work, at the Central Park Zoo.
This is Starasha, my sweet Wee pal for the afternoon.
20 Wee pals in all.
A web of Wees, if you will...
The day pretty much consisted of hand in hand chaos: into the bushes, under fences, through hordes of other children, pointing, jumping, skipping, questioning.
I was certainly on my toes. Every second required strategy of one kind or another and it was near impossible to take photos.
Oh, potbellied pig. Sorry none of the Wees paid you mind and instead just squealed with joy and shouted about your piles of poo.
I honestly don't much enjoy zoos. They leave my stomach feeling hollow and stale. But under these circumstances, it was easier to see things through wee, awed eyes.
A day well spent, a wog well spent.
To the Wees of the world!
(Prize to anyone who can guess how to pronounce Starasha).



If you have the time, get lost in Stuy Town sometime.
Carolynn and I did.
A damn fine day indeed.


Color sometimes.
Sometimes not.