Today Is Your Day

You will say yes.
There will be tears.
Brain will become part of the family.
We will dance the night away.
We will go for a midnight swim.
Today is yours.

I know, I know

You're out there.
Miss you. Love you...

Oh, Sleeping Bear...

You inspire me to move home and sell cherry jam and dreamcatchers from the side of the road.


where you been so long?

Finally! Submersion in the love of my life, the Great Lake of Michigan.
Sweet corn with dinner is mandatory.
For sunset, the Cheadle compound. Rum and good beers by the fire.
Views to behold.
And you can't come by better company in any part of the world.
Then we told ghost stories and star-gazed.
At least a dozen meteors, one fine memory.
I love you Michigan.
Be mine for always...


Cherry of my Eye

We made the most of the cherry glut: a tart cherry crisp, fresh off the tree.
Come get some!


For Ever. And Ever...

We went robbin' cherries.
Soon come, finished product.


Turn of the Wheel

And just over 13 hours later, I AM HOME!!!!!!!!!


Get Ready

"If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you."


What comes after...

She Did

In short, my good friend Miss Maddie April-Aerin Sweeny got herself a husband.
I slept on a sun porch, where I now dream of living.
She played it real well, the role of husband-getting.
A real lady.
Bubbles and all.
Speaking of bubbles, we drank that garbage water, and we liked it.
Herbs as centerpieces? Yes, please.
Silly faces on bridesmaids? Yes, please.
And just like that, the Miss was a Missus.



Here is the church...
Here are the people...
Here is the beauty of a bride to be.
More on all this later.
For now, I am off to dream of being back in this bed, surrounded by thoughts of newly made pals and the gold that is a very old friend.



SO SO sad I didn't make it a priority to see you play before you rode away on the grandest note of all.



With or without Darwin.

Claymation Velociraptor

Some Steve Millerish guitar moments, a little bit Hall & Oates, a lot hilarious and beats you wanna shake your ass to.
Consider this my application to Corporation Velociraptor.
And yes, I will be setting my cubicle on fire.