Keith found this embedded in the small roof right above the couch where we spend quite a bit of time.

And while I'm at it...

Exile in Myville

Beyond my wildest imagination good.



Now that I am officially thirty, here's to always looking through the beer goggles of life and seeing the lovely in everyone and then absolutely refusing to act my age.


Tonight I will fulfill a shattered, long-forgotten dream.
History will unfold and unwrap itself to reveal one of the best albums ever recorded, live, start to finish.
And thanks to Renn, I will be witness.



Today is the first day of summer!
The sky is blue, blue, blue and the man inside my mouth is telling me to smile!
I may just skip home from work because it's Friday and dammit, I'm in love!
Some might say today is just like heaven, so be thankful you aren't lost in a forest, all alone!
Just one drink? HA! There are people to meet and I've got hands on my brain!
I laugh and I jump and I sing and I laugh and I dance and I laugh and I laugh and I laugh!
You know, sometimes this day makes me feel like I'm living at the edge of the world...
Regardless, I'm shaking like milk, people, so let's go to bed happy!
Because today is the first day of summer!


Delaware Water Gap

We trekked a short distance into Pennsylvania on Saturday and immersed ourselves in the Delaware River.
Two canoes and a kayak, two beers (ha!), banana bread, potato chips, swimming, and blessings for the Shad, who had spawned and were dying before our very eyes.
Away we floated, sun spilling everywhere and completely defying the rain clouds and rumbling thunder that followed us the whole way down the river but never quite managed to catch up with us.
It was seriously beautiful.
And I had three really outstanding birding moments.
A GIGANTIC immature Bald Eagle. He flew right over our canoe with a whopping I-shit-you-not eight foot wingspan, landed high up in a tree and just chilled for a bit.
And soon thereafter, about six Grey Partridges flew across our path, almost skimming the water and landing in the tall grass on the opposite side.
Then... A mama Merganser with about eight ducklings. Brought a tear to my eye they were so darn cute.
At this point in time, Erin and I were bottoming out, heading sideways over the rocks and laughing so hard we weren't able to paddle, so I couldn't pay too much attention to the ducks, aside from trying not to scare them with all of our flailing and loud laughter.
We pulled off the river just after five and it was literally minutes before it started pouring rain. We watched as huge bolts of lightning hit all around us and thunder shook the car.
A Gold Star of a day.
And thanks again, Mother Nature, for being so facking rad.
We mere humans owe you big time.



I'm totally buying this phone.
I'm so sick and tired of all those pesky deer thinking they can just walk into my home and tie up the line with calls to God-knows-where.
Now they won't even be able to FIND the phone!


Pretty much cracked me in half, like an egg, and sewed me back together again full of inspiration and giddiness and wonder at the world we live in.

File this one:

click to enlarge.



It's the Deal's birthday today.
Which just happens to coincide with The Breeders show tonight.
Which I just happen to have a ticket to.

Suddenly Summer

In case you haven't noticed, it's hot.
Take your clothes off, skin slidin' off yer bones hot.
And all of a very sudden, too.
There was no easing into it this year. She just threw it on us.
I go outside and feel like I'm standing around a campfire.
With 8 million other people.


The Bird

Yet another theme from my day which has nothing to do with the American Terror Rainbow.
Three separate photos from three separate people in three different emails.
The first features J in the foley room. Please make note of his shoes.
The second is someone I do not know but my cousin does and she claims he is a 10 out of 10 kind of guy. You know, in case you can't tell.
And the third is my lovely cousin herself.
What does this mean, all these birds randomly flocking to me via the interweb?
I'm not pointing any fingers, but it's quite the odd coincidence if you ask me.