From the South of Africa...

Send your thoughts to the South of America, my friends...


Thursday I got a taste of what it was to be narcoleptic.
I could not follow basic conversations because my eyelids felt like wet towels and I fell asleep, sitting up, everywhere we went.
I think it was raining and cold all day, but I can't be sure as I wasn't even sure what weather WAS.
Yesterday we hit the road. And drove all along the coasts of the Cape, the sky enormous and shining blue.
We ate delicious fish and chips outdoors on a tiny porch perched above the rocks and the sea.
We saw whales, swimming just below the surface of the water.
We saw penguins and their babies, which were covered in grey down.
We saw baboons near the shanty towns, walking down the sidewalk like people, their little baby running ahead and throwing itself to the ground to roll in the dirt.
And just when I thought things could not possibly get more unreal, the sun set.
A giant, glowing orange orb falling into the ocean.
The land here reminds me a bit of the deserts in Arizona, and the weather right now is not unlike Montauk in fall, clouds rolling quickly in off of the water, the temperature changing drastically and rain suddenly falling.
I still can't really believe it all...
Even the money here, the rand, is beautiful.
Tomorrow (Sunday) we are off to travel up the west coast on a flower and fishing adventure.
Oh! Alex's mama. Aluana! She is nothing short of fantastic. Very Italian and her stories will just blow your little mind...
Also, blogging is sort of a no-no. They pay for bandwidth here.
So you won't see as much of me as I thought, especially photos.


Thus far...

WE LANDED! Lord how I love my feet planted on Mother Earth.
And we scoped the Indian Ocean on the way home from the airport...
And the lilies, too.
Which we stopped to pick, on the edge of a cliff.
And gazed upon the freshest yellowtail you have ever seen in your life...
And drove into Cape Town.
Where we have now officially been for about six hours.
And where I am currently sitting, listening to Leonard Cohen, drinking great wine, showered and dreaming of the amazing bed waiting for me in the other room...

Over the African Atlantic

Just about an hour from Dakar, the plane dropped. It hit an air pocket and plummeted.
In the dark.
I could feel the skin on my body reaching skyward as the plane dropped toward the ocean.
For ten loooong seconds.
Everyone woke up, some called out.
I said something along the lines of "bwwaaaaaaa....."
The rest of the trip (eight hours to Cape Town from Dakar) was a wild-eyed, heart fluttering, emotional one.
I did not sleep a wink.
And eating was out of the question, as my stomach was in tangled knots...


Mom & Mae...

Two redheads sit at a kitchen table...


The animals down South...

I give you the beasts from our trip down south!
Yes, I know I've been a naughty, naughty blah-ger, but I've had other fish to fry...