Look at my King

"New Oreans"
You've got my heart.


It takes a cool cat to blow a horn

New Orleans was the purest definition of fantastic.
The weather, the food, the vibe, the people. Yes, even the throngs of people, slinking, drink in hand, wide-eyed and beaded.
I'm in love with every moment, which is making it hard to figure out what exactly to post, which pictures to
So for now I'm going to sleep on it.


Rest In Peace

...Snooks Eaglin...
Your music is most certainly among my favorites.
How appropriate that we are headed to New Orleans this evening.
Toasts shall be made to you and John Clarke.


MY 300th POST!

And so I give you:

They won't let you embed this Tom Petty video for some reason, but this shit takes me back in time.
It used to scare me silly, but I'd watch from behind my parted fingers.
Damn you MTV, for being so awesome and now sucking worse than any other station.

A quiet mind

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

Go right ahead and blow your brains on THIS SHIT
Jess turned me onto it today during our endless cups of tea and conversations about black holes and Hopi Indians.
You are the real deal, Jessica Larrabee. A sister to my soul.
Thank you for a day of healing and encouragement.
Blessed be!





We found a new spot to hang our hats, just a stones throw from our practice space.
You can lose your mind in the giant Lite Brite display.You can tell Pa all your worries.
And then you can play table shuffle, drink really good beer and eat meat pies until your pants button pops off.
Yeah, it's good stuff.


Professor Longhair

We are preparing for Mardi Gras.
New Orleans, here we come.


Pain T

Keith and I picked something to paint and then did just that.
I haven't picked up a paintbrush in YEARS, and now I'm hooked.
Can you guess who did which one?
Thanks, Cali, for the inspiration!

Drip Drip Drip Drip

We did a whole lot of walking this weekend.
And ended up all sorts of places.
Did you know you can burn incense that could possibly make someone want to bathe you with their tongue? Well you can.
Madina, on the corner of Atlantic and 4th Avenue.
I've always dreamed of my apartment smelling like Paris Hilton. Or Michael Jordan.
Meanwhile, on the other side of town, someone might be in for seven years of bad luck.
And then there was this guy.


Friday the 13th

Hanks was a damn good time.
My ears are still ringing, actually.
We possibly made people's hair stand on end.
Later, there was a bass hanging from the ceiling and people shook ass like it was 1999.


This hand is my hand

The living body is a universe all its own.
I watched my heart today, the valves flapping open and slamming shut over and over and over again.
Have you ever thought about yours working away in there, all the time, for the rest of however long you may live?
It's an incredible thing. And seeing it work its magic was quite the eye-opener for me.
We owe much respect to our flesh and bones and all the mind boggling elements that they house.
A special shout-out to my liver. Thanks for being there for me when I hit up happy hour.


Hours bleed into days bleed into weeks

Sister... Name that car.
Has Monday's full moon been messing with anybody else?
'Cause it sure be pickin' on me.


Stefan Lutak, infamous owner of Holiday Cocktail Lounge.
Here's to hoping your bar remains open and unchanged.