neil young, anyone?

Harvest Moon - the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox, which gives farmers in the northern hemisphere extra hours of light in which to harvest their crops before the first frost.
  • Also known as the Wine Moon, the Singing Moon and the Elk Call Moon
  • In some cultures, individuals whose birthdays fall on or near a harvest moon must provide a feast for the rest of the community (lydia, you owe me dinner!)
  • The full moon following the Harvest Moon is known as the Hunter's Moon

exerci$e the demon$

ahhhhh ye$. $o it turn$ out the corporate world i$ dirtier than i once believed.
not hiring $omeone becau$e of their "heavy mid-we$tern accent"...?
pinpointing them a$ "not elegant enough"...?
plea$e... you're kidding right?
ohhhhh, my bad.
you're not looking for $omeone to $it AT the de$k, you're looking for $omeone to do ON the de$k.


bird nerd

the owls we heard, in the dark of the very early morning.
the others i scoped out in the trees, over coffee, on our site.
deeeeeeee lightful.


warblers & flora & fishes, oh my!

heading out to the tip of this long island for some mingling with mother nature.
looking forward to hugging a tree and planting my feet in the sand.


thanks a whole hell of a lot

INVENTION: Alarm Clock
INVENTOR: Levi Hutchins, U.S.
YEAR: 1787
He was a 26-year-old clock-maker in Concord, N.H., a New Englander with a Yankee conscience. He believed in being at his job on time. It was his "firm rule" to awaken at 4 A.M., whatever the season. But sometimes he slept past that hour, and was distraught the rest of the day. What he wished was a device to rouse him at the exact hour he desired to be up. In past times, people had often depended upon the sun to awaken them. But in New England, at 4 o'clock in the morning, there was no sun. Then this clockmaker looked at his shelves of clocks and was inspired. As he would write, "It was the idea of a clock that could sound an alarm that was difficult, not the execution of the idea. It was simplicity itself to arrange for the bell to sound at the predetermined hour."
He constructed a pine cabinet 29"X14", transferred the inner mechanism of one of his large brass clocks into it, inserted a pinion or gear. When "the minute hand of the clock reached and tripped the pinion" at 4 o'clock, then the "movement of the pinion set a bell in motion, and the bell made sufficient noise to awaken me almost instantly."


it takes 2 2 tango

i did the tango with a stranger yesterday in the wee hours of the morning.
halfway down 32nd street, approaching 7th avenue.
it was 8:40something.
i was late.
so i took off running because the 12 second window to cross the street had arrived and was quickly passing.
i just barely missed a woman with a HUGE bag, and instead ran smack into my dance partner:
a short, red-haired, pear shaped dude in sporty tennis shoes.
we lightly collided and, chest to chest, moved ever so slightly to the left and then to the right, together, trying to read which way the other wouldn't go.
for just over a few seconds, we danced.
"what the christ are you doing?" he hissed.
"what the christ are YOU doing, asshole?" i replied over my shoulder, blushing.
he shook his head and went on his way.
i went on mine.
and the day was off to a shining start!
so this post is for you, my day-walking tango partner...
for the laughs i now have while reliving our special moment in time...


mad hipsters in the hood

i'm sure you've been witness by now.
they are taking over the L line, straight outta williamsburg, traveling in pairs.
the mad max:
-the styled yet unkempt, dirty-on-purpose hair (crucial)
-ripped/shredded clothing
-something old, something new (preferably marc jacobs), something borrowed, something leather
-the big, dirty boots with denim short shorts or the beloved drainpipes
-the road warrior sneer
the robin hood (men in tights?):
-the skinniest skinny pants known to man, the brighter the color the better
-pointy-toed boots, usually black, but they work the brown too
-the mustache, curled and at attention (is that gel in there?)
-the bandanna adorning the neck or an arm or better yet, the DOG
-the fedora-type hat (pop a feather in there and let us do our best to save each other's souls!)
are they headed to the west village to save the poor from the rich and the gay?
do they ride tanks with tina turner in the desert heat of some unknown land?
i certainly can't figure it out, but one thing is certain:
mad max + robin hood = true hipsterfuckalicious love
sidenote: mate a mad max with a robin hood and the child will surely be born with a rat tail.