you will be greatly missed, sweet rocky.
forever love...............


three zero

happy thirty to youuuuuuuuuu.
happy thirty to youuuuuuuuuuu.
happy thirty, keith martin reynauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud.
happy thirty to youuuuuuuuuuuuu.
and many mooooooooooooooore...



i am in a field that extends to a body of water, old houses in the distance.
there are many of us, the women and children all wearing old dresses, aprons, bonnets.
it is a grey day.
he appears, walking slowly.
he is singing.
from under his coat he pulls an old, vintage-looking shotgun.
he begins loading it, still singing.
he fires a shot and takes out a woman across the field.
clamor ensues.
everyone is running.
he is calm, still singing, reloading, shooting wherever he sees movement.
i make my way to the water and crawl in, trying to submerge myself.
it's not deep enough.
he is approaching, still shooting people, singing.
please note i am a huge fan of this man, his rants and his music.

why why why why

they should be cloning humans for this kind of shit.
i mean, REALLY.



this depicts what it's like getting past the northwest side 0f 32nd and 6th avenue.
the entrance to the manhattan mall, a $5 purse man and hordes of ogling, bag-laden tourists.
like lost sheep, everyone ramming one another, braying and clueless, horns blaring as cars fight their way through it all.
my very own personal nightmare, and what i have come to call "clusterfuck corner."


six zero

happy birthday bette-lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dead ringer?

this post is for renn.
if keira knightly ate a sandwich and ceased sporting that ANNOYING pout, perhaps then she would resemble winona.
until then, i'm only partly convinced.................


i don't know that i'd use the word honor, but...
i did enjoy waiting with snoring juror who, over the course of the two days, never once took off his headphones.
and loud, hard-of-hearing juror who talked and hacked into her cell phone about cots and blankets.
and foreign juror who smiled a lot, kept oiling her wrists and proudly stood whenever they called her name.
and business-conducting juror who called his work nothing short of 15 times and then haggled with Verizon about getting a refund for the phone he was talking on.
and pregnant juror who waddled around a lot and went to the bathroom every five minutes.
and gossiping jurors who didn't stop gabbing the entire two days, which confused me because they were strangers.
and annoyed juror who kept coming out from the side room and shaking his head, disgusted.
and boring juror who did not once read or write or occupy her time in any way, shape or form.
and stupid juror who played games on his cell phone with the sound ON.
and jester juror who spoke with a Long Island drawl and had two girls in the back giggling for hours.
and important juror who took his role very seriously, read all the hand-outs and probably even took notes.
and confused juror who was always asking around about what was going on.
and frat-boy juror who yawned a lot, looked at his nails a lot and studied every female that walked by.
and then there was me, who read so much my eyes crossed and on the first day took the best nap i've ever taken in public.
so good, in fact, that both of my arms fell asleep.

sunday sunday

a stupidly strong cup of gorilla coffee + a crazy crafting buzz + Anthony Bourdain in Tuscany + a stomach that wouldn't stop growling + biscuits and butter + a long, funny chat in the dark + beyond bizarre mini-series of dreams + a car alarm that went off for hours (complete with neighbors yelling out their windows) = broken sleep.
worth every lost second of shut-eye.



my most coveted piece of jewelry EVER.
she makes her pieces from the remains she found in a bombed out doll factory in Germany.
i'm so in love with her stuff, i'm just going to sit here until 4:30 and daydream i'm running through a field, wearing nothing but her necklaces.


don't mess with the mitten...

“If anyone would try to divert water, I would suspect we’d call up the militia and take up arms. We feel that serious about it.”
--Vernon Ehlers, Michigan Republican representative--