Eva Ryan Kato

Born May 12!!! 6 lbs 19 ½ inches.
Three new baby girls in my family within a four week span.


Let's pitch a tent & call it home

Some highlights from our recent camping excursion.
Good damn times happen whilst away in the woods.
Miss Mother Nature is my hero.



  • Mexican donkey freed after acting like a jackass

Hi Ho the Dairy Oh!

Keith saw this on Craigs List and would now like to buy it.
A tractor.
In Brooklyn.
It's confirmed.
He has officially turned into a farmer.
Soon enough he'll be popping wheelies and turning soil, wheat hanging from his mouth and overall pockets filled with seeds!


Dead Ringer

Dolly, I love you.
But if you don't stop playing around with the plastics, you're going to wind up looking like Amanda Lepore, my most feared celebrity around, who is a DUDE, by the way.

Read all about it?

This morning, during my commute, I read about a 9-year-old Greek girl who is carrying her own twin. Stomach pains resulted in a trip to the hospital, where they found a 2 inch long growth which they later realized was actually an embryo, complete with a head and hair and eyes.
I also read that McCain predicts we can end the war by 2013 (!?!) and that NYC is going to try to control the pigeon population with hawk robots (!?!)
I then read that some dude in Florida threw a Molotov Cocktail into the coastal woods, resulting in thousands of acres of forest burning to the ground and that Bush, in so many words, basically called Obama a Nazi.
And then I remembered why I don't read the newspaper anymore.



She is playing Interlochen on July 19.
If I would have known sooner, I would have planned my trip home around this date.
Seeing Loretta belt it out in my hometown!?! That's just whacko, and has very suddenly become an unrealized dream.
I looked into shows out here.
There is ONE.
And it's an induction into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.
And it's $1,000 to go.
My hopes, smashed to bits like an acoustic guitar after too much whiskey.


The cherry of my eye...

Go to the east side of Union Square park at lunchtime, sit very quietly and observe.
Make note of Joey Ramone and Frank Zappa, trading barbs with a disheveled Popeye and falling asleep on their feet, cigarettes burning into the filter and right down to their yellowed fingers.
If you're lucky, the Deal sisters show up and pass out on each other's shoulders, waking up seconds later to jabber at one another like threatened sparrows, only to doze off again unexpectedly.
A greyed Nick Nolte shuffles through his bag all the while, handing out hushed treasures to the whole lot.
Beware of the glarer, who sits away from all of them, keeping watch and burning holes in the backs of passersby.


Clare Ryan Ellis

It's raining babies in our family!
Allow me to introduce you to my dear cousin Kate's new and very beautiful addition.
8 lbs, 5 oz and 21 inches!!!!!!!!!!!
Up next? Kates sister Mimi, who is due within the next week or two.
Technically, I would be a second cousin because my first cousins are birthing the babes, but I prefer Auntie Molly, thank you very much.

Mister Lonely

I'm tempted to say it was a bit tame for a Harmony Korine film.
Visually stunning, flying nunning and of course, uncomfortable, awkward scenes that made my mouth dry.
I would recommend seeing it in the theatre.
Quite a few friends are going tonight, so I'll keep it at that.
Note: Seeing a film at 11pm is a questionable idea if you have to get up the next morning. My date slept soundly through the last half.