look closely at the book SJP is carrying.
she's reading our biography. i didn't even know we HAD a biography!
ps. clicking on any photo will enlarge it.
--photo courtesy of REX--

the big chill

so apparently, cremation is no longer green enough.
it releases smoke and mercury (from dental fillings) into the atmosphere.
and so, "promession."
literally freeze drying the deceased.
the body is placed in liquid nitrogen and frozen to -320 degrees F.
it becomes brittle and is then placed on a vibrating mat where it is shaken until it falls apart and into dust.
if you didn't already know, this process also applies to a frozen charleston chew!
promession has already been given the thumbs-up in Sweden (where it was invented) and Great Britain is hoping to follow suit.

freeze me seymour


take out your cleaver...

and make art?
look closely.
that is MEAT, my friends.
raw, unseasoned meat as clothing.
imagine that.
or go check it out for yourself:

this just in

it's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bekah is having a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she will be named mae, after our lovely, blue-eyed, hilarious 95-year-old gram.
i'm so excited i could pee on myself.
but i won't.


sugar sugar

i ate a snickers bar after lunch.
with almonds. and although almonds are my favorite of the nut family, it is NOT the same candy bar without the peanuts.
soon i began nodding off, dreaming within seconds and then cruelly snapping myself back into my current reality: a sea of cubicles.
oh, the horror.
this called for a coke.
now my blood is carbonated, my teeth are probably disintegrating like nails soaked in coke supposedly do and i'm tempted to do handsprings down the hallway.
up next?
the inevitable sugar crash, complete with a belly screaming for mercy through it's newly formed ulcer.
wah, wah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


went to the doctor today and rode with him in the elevator.
myself, liev and one other gentleman.
i blushed like mad and intensely studied my shoes.


Isabella Blow

and her signature Treacy.
inspiration at it's finest.
a long overdue standing ovation from yours truly.
and happy birthday one week and a day late.


giving thanks to the native peoples of these stolen lands.
--photo: 1905, Edward S. Curtis--


a breath of fresh air

neil young ripped the engine out from his beloved lincoln continental to replace it with an electric one.
be still my beating heart, for i didn't think i could love him any more than i already do.


today is technically mini-friday, preceding pretend friday (tomorrow) which is actually wednesday.
so then i guess thursday becomes mini-saturday, friday becomes pretend saturday and saturday becomes mini-sunday.
as for sunday, ah, who gives a shit.
after tomorrow it's time to stuff your face with turkey, marinate your liver in wine and then try your damnedest not to sleep away the following three days off from work.

"i go to parties, sometimes until four. it's hard to leave when you can't find the door..."

odd, because i had a long conversation just last night about this very man.
born today in 1947: mister Joe Walsh.
in 1980, he ran for president in a mock campaign.
he promised to make "Life's Been Good" the new national anthem and to make gasoline free to the people.
he should run now, for God's sake.


worry worry worry worry worry stop
worry worry worry worry worry worry worry worry stop
worry worry worry worry worry worry stop
worry worry stop
headache stop



it began innocently enough.
they were leaning on one another, petting each other's hair and speaking very quietly, about 6 and 4 years of age.
suddenly, the big brother began batting at and then brutally twisting the little one's ear.
at first, the little one squealed with delight.
quick like a cat, the big one suddenly had his leg wrapped over the little one, twisting the same ear, which now resembled a tiny, unopened rose, causing the little one to whimper and me to sweat uncomfortably inside my jacket.

the grandmother, who stood across from them near the doors, yelled loudly in chinese.
at this, the little one pretended to sleep, his ear a bright, angry red, fake little snores escaping his mouth.
the older one went for gold next, poking into and then pushing on the little one's right eyeball.
little kicked and cried out, slapping at big's hand, then rubbing his now watering, nearly punctured eye.
after a few seconds, big placed his whole hand over little's mouth and nose, eventually squeezing the nostrils so hard i imagine he had hopes of fusing them together forever.
much flailing ensued, at which time little stood, turned around and put his belly on the seat.
big stood too, and pulled little's feet out from under him.
they whinnied like donkeys, repeating the gesture over and over again.
more stern yelling from the old woman.
they sat down.
little gnawed on big's hand, his ear still inflamed, his eye still tearing.
big smacked little's forehead again and again, in turn smacking his little head against the seat.
they got off with the grandmother at canal, holding hands.
there's nothing in the world like an older sibling.
and sometimes, public transportation is far better than television.

stranger than fiction

given that it's blockbustered and soaked in hollywood, i was surprised when i ended up loving this film.
i thought it was brilliant, carried along by a flawless story and a badass soundtrack.
i was laughing while my heart was breaking, fell in love with a taxman and was overjoyed with a Bluth sighting!
i might just start wearing a wristwatch.


dead ringer

trent reznor and owen wilson.
they could at the very least be brothers.


waste not

it's really telling of the times when they start making toys like these.
Playmobil presents the Hazmat Crew, complete with hazard masks, nuclear waste barrels and a roadblock for those hard-to-control reporters.
ah yes, livin' in the 21st century:
where the light pollution is just right,
the hi-fi is in the background
and the wine is delicious.


the finger to big oil

oil spill in Russia.
affected area is at the heart of the migration route of red-throated and black-throated Siberian diver birds.
over 30,000 birds already dead, along with insurmountable numbers of fish.
this is a horrid case of animal cruelty, and serious, SERIOUS evidence that we need to rethink the ways we power our lives.
dirty oil.
stupid humans.

sausage and art

so i walked around and around the Guggenheim on saturday with a picnic in my purse.
i was armed with a wheat baguette, a spicy sausage and a wine-washed cheese.
i took notes on the loaf of bread, which was conveniently wrapped in paper and stuck out of my bag like a sore thumb.
pretty hilarious.
they are showing an amazing Richard Prince collection and central European photographs through january.
my favorite part? the hundreds of collages.
one of the best exhibits i've seen yet.
i highly recommend checking it out.
sausage and bread and cheese optional.


aqua dots

hey kids! cook up your very own batch of GHB at home! named 2007's toy of the year, the aqua dots set not only resembles a real-life meth lab...
oh no no no...
it also comes complete with an endless supply of dots that turn into the date rape drug when ingested!!!

how this passed inspection, you ask?
they fed them some dots and after digestion, voila!

the inspectors were dim and pretty much sleeping
so out the door the toy came creeping!
they are flying off the shelves, so get yours now if you can, before the recall swipes them all into oblivion and rockets them into space.


only in japan

sketched out by some guy tailing you?
some greasy dude eyeing your bag?
go-go japanese ninja skirt!
designed by Aya Tsukioka to fool would-be attackers and ease women's fear of crime.
inspired by ninja assassins who cloaked themselves in black blankets to disguise themselves at night.
tip #1: if you are alone and being followed... RUN LIKE HELL, as this skirt will not save you.
tip #2: carry a coke around in your bag. this might prevent your attacker from beating the shit out of you when the "machine" eats his money.
--photos from NYTimes--


27-year-old Gisele Bundchen is now demanding payment in almost any other currency, just don't give her american dollars.
she signed a contract with pantene and demanded euros.
smart girl.
sad dollar.



"it was ten years later in ’97,
when a farmer near Buckley was found
slumped over his plow, his heart had stopped,
there were dog tracks all around…
seven years passed with the turn of the century,
a crazy old widow had a dream
of dogs that circled her house at night,
that walked like men and screamed..."
there have been TWO dogman sightings in 2007.
that midnight snowshoe through the woods over christmas?
i think maybe not.
--lyrics from "the legend",

born today

"She sparked world revolution red,
And as with glee they bore
Upon a pike her lovely head...
Her curls

--from "Marie Antoinette" by Robert Service--


limited edition

available in december: the chanel bicycle.
no chaser.
black leather.
nearly $13,000.