This lady took her mushroom to the hairdresser and said "Cut my hair just like this!" - Keith

tell it like it is...

We cruised upstate this past weekend to visit the shire.
To play with kitties.
To sit on front porches.
To eat cake.
To melt our brains with tributes to the King of Pop.
To hear that thing they call quiet.
To have a love affair with fresh air.
My dream...
To be surrounded by trees and shower myself in Mother Nature supreme!


tie the ribbon 'round you

Birthday voicemails from across the planet?
I rolled around on the floor like a cat on catnip listening to that message.
Spoiled rotten I am.
Too much, too much, but I aint complaining...


I seriously cannot believe the outpour of wishes & goodness I have had today (now yesterday).
Nothing matches it...
Except my love for all of you...

And you know who you are, you awesome peoples...



Go ask her.

not dogman

"Josie and I were out fishing last night. We were on the other side of the lake a few miles down from the resort (pretty much across from the Bingham boat launch) and we came upon a bear that was swimming in the lake. It was about 100 feet off shore We watched it swim back to shore, walk along the shoreline, and then take off into some cedar trees. While it was on the shoreline, a guy and his daughter rode by in a 4 wheeler and didn't see the bear. Once it strarted to run across the yard, I heard the girl scream. Super cool."
J. Meyer

against my window

It has been raining here for days on end.
No, scratch that, weeks on end.
My senses felt all out of whack when the sun made a very brief, rare appearance yesterday, which then had me confused...
Confused by sunshine in June? Really?
Yes, really.

'round town


where the wild things are

Our evening began at a "gallery" where we met Priscilla, animal sculptor. This bag was truly something to behold. Little did we know, we would come across well-known, largely respected characters all evening long, each of them for very unique reasons.
You see, when you go out with my dear friend Carolynn, you never can tell which circle the evening will draw you into. On this occasion, we ended up in a penthouse on Fifth Avenue drinking exotic, fresh squeezed juices and noshing on spicy dried mangos and delicious, smoky baba ganoush.
The mind-boggling space belongs to the respectable Dr. Stephen Adler. Please note the grand piano (to the left) in the greenroom, where I quickly fell into daydreams about reading books on the plush sofa and snoozing under the mid-day sun. His veranda sprawled around the entire building and overlooked the Hudson.
Then along came the dapper Ed Osgood and his fairly new bride, JoJo. Ed spent five years in WWII and was a founding member of the Young Republicans of San Francisco. He was appalled at my lack of a second language, but invited me to sit next to him anyhow. We spoke of the Great Lakes and how wonderful they are to swim in. His nails were manicured and polished. Ed and JoJo were on their way to London to renew their vows. Quite the pair, these two.
Dr. Adler's art collection appeared never-ending. Every wall and surface of the place was covered in artifacts. Very Yves Saint Laurent, though different tastes.
And finally Santiago, the man of the evening. He brought this motley crew of people together and cooked up a beautiful vegetarian spread but would not let me take his picture.

An evening unlike any other I've spent in the city.
Thank you for bringing me along, Carolynn!


black ice cream

On Friday, Roberto debuted his latest project, Helado Negro.
It picked me up and planted me somewhere entirely different, almost islandesque, warm and welcoming, relaxed my mind and softened my bones.
Living out here, these were much-needed moments in time.
I was definitely starry eyed by the end of the set.
All I can say is bless, and don't miss out if he comes to a city near you.



We surprised the pants off of a certain someone this weekend.
Bitch-slapped her mind, if you don't mind my saying so, but more on that later. For now, know this:

We had a spanking naughty good time.



Happy birthday, big sister o' mine!!!
Hiked shorts with tucked t's are awesome.
And so are you...


Christian Slaughter & Technical Support

She Keeps Bees, in the air and on their way to England as I type. Bloody right!
I will certainly miss our tea time in a very huge way.
But Europe can have you for now. And fall in love with you.
Out of the office we call NYC for four big months.
Don't be a dumb dumb. Seek them out, people.
Oh boy do I...