Cats of the cape...

I give you Miafrica! A dead ringer for my Mia in Michigan, save for the darker chin.
Miafrica lives at a bird sanctuary, and if you have the pleasure of knowing Mia, you would find the similarities uncanny...

And this is Diesel, Alex's Greenpoint neighbor who comes inside and talks a lot and then bores quickly and leaves.
But not before he shows off and climbs a tree...
And these are some random cat-shots:
This one lives at a winery and reminds me of the Marble Cake Cat, which was one of my favorite books when I was young.
And Tony's long lost baby cousin! Also a neighbor to Alex, and a handsome one at that.
This post is for all my cat-obsessed pals.
You know who you are.

Don't forget to click on photos to enlarge them!

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